Thursday, September 18, 2014

Right Meow


Sorry for the awkward-face in these photos, but we took these very quickly, as we were running late for my cousin's wedding the other weekend when these were taken. I accidentally splurged on this dress for the occasion! I honestly thought that this dress was on sale, and had put it in my shopping cart until I decided if I really wanted it or not. It turns out that I did, because of reasons, and so I bought it. I didn't even notice the price until after checking out. Whoops. 

Of course, when I told Kyle he just rolled his eyes. Not at the cost, but the fact that I bought another black dress. I can't help it, I like black dresses! Almost as much as I like talking about poop with my friends (hint: that is a daily occurrence). Kyle did like the cat flats though, even insisted that I change out of my heels in favor of them. Those were actually on sale, huzzah!


In other news: Kyle and I need to start eating better. I just looked in the kitchen, and it is stocked with cookies, ramen, coffee, and the fridge is full of PBR and nothing else. I just took some soup out to thaw that I had made a few months back, and I cannot wait to eat that. Seriously, if it were not for the fact that I walk on my lunch breaks, and that I am always running around, cleaning up after 4 pets and a Kyle, I wouldn't be able to fit through the door to the house. I like food. More than I like talking about poop. 

Cat facts: Cat flats are cool.


Bonus pics: These goofs were staring like creeps patiently waiting in the car while Kyle was taking my outfit photos, and now they have made their way onto the internet once again. 

IMG_8160 IMG_8162

Earrings-c/o Anjolee
Glasses-Warby Parker 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mini Blog Studio Tour


I am seriously kicking myself for not taking a Before pic of this space, it was basically that chair, with a bunch of junk pilled all over it. Whenever I cleaned our room, I would pile more and more stuff onto it, and it became the black hole of the bedroom. I am so glad that I was super motivated a few weeks ago and decided to do something about it. You also get a little peak of our room, which isn't much, but has improved greatly since this post three years ago (as has the rest of the house). 

Anyway, I tried to wait until the brightest part of the day to take these pics as it is super dark in our room. I even had all of the lights on, and this was as bright as it was going to get, apparently. I always said that I was never going to give in to the hipster-white walls, but I am caving when it comes to this room. It needs to be lighter in here, but alas, it is brown-for now. 

IMG_8338 IMG_8333 IMG_8328

What I basically did, was steal a small desk from another room in the house, throw a tablecloth over it, organized all of the random papers and mail that I have accumulated from blogger friends over the years, and finally go through all of the junk. I stole another shelf from the basement, and it now holds a box of letters from bloggers, a bag of misc sewing supplies, and a framed pic of our group from the Weezer cruise. 

On the actual desk is my laptop! Old Reliable finally has a place other than wherever I feel like leaving it. I bought some post-its for notes, and I couldn't find a pencil holder so I bought a cheap toothbrush holder from the clearance rack and done! I stole the speakers from our old desktop so that I can listen to music while I blog, there are some really good playlists on Spotify right now (I am actually quite shocked by this). Of course I am never without my phone, and coffee. 

I used some cup hooks and a piece of ribbon to display some pics and cards from friends and bloggers, and clipped them with cute paper clips we got as gifts for our wedding. I never knew what to use those clips for, but I held onto them. See? Being a pack-rat pays off sometimes (Kyle just shat himself reading that). 

IMG_8322 IMG_8320 IMG_8319

The top shelf I bought from Target for pretty cheap, it was a pain in the ass to hang though. I like it because I can stick all of my post-its on it, as well as display some of my favorite items. I finally framed some of our pics from the Weezer cruise, as well as a pic I have had of since forever ago. I also have my 2013 blogger of the year award from Shybiker ,a cute jug that  actually belongs to Kyle, and a tiny notebook that reminds me of Hobbits. 

We also have my chair that we thifted years ago, and I just took one of the 12 pillows from the bed for my bum. There is Kyle's old man sweater that I have been living in lately, and below the desk is my sewing machine that I hope to eventually use. We hung a little hook for my old Urban Outfitter bags, because they hold yarn, and miscellaneous scrap materials for fabric projects.  I even organised the "to be repaired" pile of clothes to fit all in one basket. Go me. 

IMG_8318 IMG_8317 IMG_8315 IMG_8316

So there you have it, my little blogging space! I guess this was a sort of blog anniversary present to myself. I have had this blog for about five years now, and although it never really took off, it is something that I have surprisingly stuck with. It is an outlet for my shitty writing, and a scrapbook of sorts of our lives for the past five years. Not to mention all of the amazing friends that I have made, and friends that have felt inspired to start their own blogs. 

I am so happy that I have made this little space, it has helped me stay more organized, and I even have room to do my workouts up here now. Up next we have to finish the hallway, paint the living room, and start organizing the library. I do however, want to make a space in the basement for exercising since the treadmill is down there. I think that we are doing okay though, slow-pokes that we are. One day it will all be finished, and then it will be time to buy a new home. I vote for a Hobbit Hole. 

Monday, September 15, 2014



Oh the joys of having very fine hair. When I straighten it, it curls. When I curl it, it comes undone. Alas, I give up. I do however, really like this outfit! Nice, light layers for unpredictable Michigan weather. I actually bought this dress last summer, but never styled it up for the blog. It is kind of on the short side, so I really only like wearing it with tights, and now we are finally in tights weather, woot woot! This is pretty much my ideal outfit: dress + cardigan + "leather" jacket + flats, yes. 

I have also become a lipstick-wearing person as of late, go figure it takes until I am almost 29 years old to figure out lipstick, but still. I think the trick is to put it on a little while before leaving the house, so that you get used to wearing it, and are not thinking about it as much once you are out-and-about. That, and constantly asking your husband/friends if it is still on, or if you have managed to get it on your teeth. Do this about every 3 minutes. It won't get annoying, I promise. 


I mentioned last week that Wednesday is movie night at our house, well I have a "thing" planned for most weeknights. Mondays, I prep blog posts for the week (I look them over on my morning 15 minute break at work, and then post them. And then go back 5 days later to correct typos). Tuesdays are exciting, because I read on Tuesdays. I usually have to babysit on either Tuesday, or Thursday, or both, so I tend to catch Liam up on Doctor Who, feed us dinner, do some chores, wash up, then after my dad picks him up, I read. It sounds super lame to designate one night per week specifically to reading, but I will end up doing something else if I don't force myself to sit down and do it. 

Right now, I am working my way through the Harry Potter series again, but I have also borrowed books from friends, so making time to read is necessary. I don't want to be a dick and borrow things without ever giving them back, because it's rude, and I am rude enough on my own (I am kind of a dick, just ask Kyle). 


Dress, tights, & cardigan-Target
Vintage necklace-Gift
Glasses-Warby Parker
Earrings-c/o Anjolee
Purse-Urban Outfitters 

Little Bits: Autumn Snuggles

I know I am going to sound like a generic white girl, but, I LOVE FALL. Seriously, this weekend, the weather was perfection! I want to try my hardest to take advantage of it while I can, because you just can't take autumn in Michigan for granted. 

This weekend was a little less crazy than the past ones, but it was still a pretty good weekend. Friday after work I met up with my sister, and brother-in-law Michelle, and Chris for some coffee and shopping in Corktown. I of course got a little lost, but thankfully everyone who knows me, knows that I am pretty much late for everything. After we got our coffees, they took me to a really awesome store called El Dorado, and I wanted EVERYTHING. I manged to leave with only two scarves, but I could have honestly stayed in there all day trying everything on, and picking out cute things for my house. I cannot wait to go back with Kyle, and some of my friends. I might have to do a blog post on that shop, but in the meantime, check out the website.  

Friday night, Kyle and I debated about going out just us for a beer, but instead decided to get sandwiches, snacks, and Octoberfest and watch Supernatural. We are totally addicted to that show, and we are barely half-way through the first season. 

Saturday, I tried to sleep in, but instead ended up cleaning the house and running errands. The Meijer by my house had all sorts of cute, fall stuff out. Gourds, pumpkins, mums, and Halloween decorations. I then paid a visit to Kyle's work to see him for lunch, before heading to ACE hardware. I bought some of the paint for our living room, and brought some cards home to figure out the second color. I am soooo excited to paint, you guys have no idea! I decorated the house with fall stuff (aka: hung up a wreath) and prepped some blog posts for the week. 

Saturday night, we headed out to the Ferndale DIY fest. The DIY fest is probably my favorite festival in Ferndale. There is also an art fair that goes on, but once you cross Woodward, it is beer, food tents, bands, and all sorts of crafty things. I can have a beer while shopping for cute, hand-made things? Count me in. I bought a Chai-scented candle, and a Creature from the Black Lagoon patch, both were necessities, obviously. We then met up with some friends and headed to our favorite dive bar for karaoke and cheap beer.  I managed to drop my phone in the toilet, and fall and rip a hole in my favorite jeans. I have concluded that I am never going to leave the house again. 

Sunday I was supposed to go to my cousin's wedding shower, but ended up sleeping in super late. I woke up, took a shower, then went back to bed. I wasn't even hungover (for some reason beyond me, most of my immediate family doesn't get them), but cuddles with the pups just sounded amazing. We finally got out of bed, and after much hemming and hawing decided to get Chinese and watch TV. Seriously, yummy take-out, giant Weezer snuggie + Doctor Who = my ideal day. 

I am falling so much in love with the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, and it is driving Kyle insane. He keeps going: "You can't fall in love with EVERY Doctor, dammit!" but how could you not with those eyebrows? And he called a dinosaur a "big, sexy woman!" that is quality fangirl material, right there! 

Anyway, I am looking forward to the posts this week! I took the time to get some photos of my new blogging studio, and I am in full-project mode, so I am hoping to have more house stuff to post this month. EXCITE. 

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1) Joesph, snuggling in the blankets. 
2) Gourds for miles at the grocery store. 
3) Fall Shit. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Vlog: Q&A

Oh, hey, remember when I asked you guys to leave some questions in the comments of one of blog posts, because I was totally going to make a vlog for you guys and whatnot? I did it! Finally, but I did it! It took me about 3 hours to record, edit change the file type, upload it to Vimeo, realize that I forgot one of the clips, delete it, edit it again, screw it up, edit it some more, then finally upload it again. 

Yes, I just haaaad to make sure that it was perfect, only to show you guys a crappy video. I hope that my friend Mike doesn't see this, as he is a professional at editing videos, but I just really wanted to try it for myself. I think I might have to buy a flip camera or something. Anywho, do you know what the worst sound in the world is? Your own recorded voice being played back to you! I sound like a 12 year old boy. Yuck. 

Either way, here it is. Sorry it is so long, and that I was fidgeting the whole time, and that I said "um" every-other-word. I tried.

Q&A VLOG from sara on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Eats: Banana Pumpkin Bread


The past few mornings have been really cool, and it feels just like fall! I have been brewing pumpkin spice coffee all week (which smells loads better than it tastes,as all flavored coffees do), and I made this banana pumpkin bread to enjoy in this beautiful weather. Of course, it was dark when I took these photos, so they are all washed out, but don't be discouraged by the shitty lighting! This was the best bread I have ever made. hands down. I even bought more supplies to make another batch soon, the bananas make it kinda healthy, correct?

3 ripe bananas, mashed
1 16 oz can pumpkin pie filling
2 eggs
1/3 cup vegetable oil
1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup white sugar
2 1/2 cups AP flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
2 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1 tsp cinnamon

Preheat oven to 350 degrees, and grease a 9x5 bread pan. In a large bowl, mix together the banana, eggs, oil, pumpkin, honey, and sugar. Combine the rest of dry ingredients in a separate bowl, then mix with pumpkin mix. Pour batter in prepared pan.

Bake at 350 for about 45 minutes, or until toothpick comes out clean when poked into bread. Eat!