Friday, July 3, 2015

Mitten Happenings!

Hey everyone! In an effort to help support local artist, I thought I would try doing a post every now and then letting all of you lovely local folks know about some cool happenings in the area. Some of these artists are near, and dear friends of mine, and others are just some cool cats I have come to find out about through recent events. So! Check out some Mitten Happenings!


First up we have a bunch of cool bands playing at Crossroad's Bar & Grill tonight in my old stomping grounds of Ypsilanti! Jungle Fowl, Tesla's Revenge, The Sugar Bombs, & Throwaway! Doors are at 8 pm, $5 cover, More info here


Also! If you are in the Ann Arbor area, come check out some amazing folk music by Zander Michigan! You can catch Zander at the Top of the Park (more info here), show starts at 5 pm, and it is the last show of his Midwest Tour, so come welcome Zander home!

For those of you who do not live in Michigan, I still have some treats for you! 

You can check out Amara, an amazing online comic that my close friend H.D. Harris updates not only once, but twice per week! The entire comic is available to read online, so, no worries if you are new to the comic, you can catch up. 

Also! You can check out Mark Bolohan Music for some awesome indie/folk/rock music. Mark is on a mission to post a new song every Tuesday in the year 2015, and so far he has kept his word! Check his Facebook page each Tuesday for something fresh and new!

Alright, I am done shamelessly promoting my friend's work for the moment, but how can I resist when I know so many talented individuals? I hope everyone has a great weekend! Cheers!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Little Bits: June On Instagram

I am not entirely sure what happened, but I summered the hell out of June. This month has been full of bonfires in the backyard, pretty orchids blooming everywhere, loads of kale growing in the garden, sunglasses, comfy shoes, pretty sunsets, heaps of coffee, and lots of girly, summery outfits.

Jen was sweet enough to bring me as her date to the Detroit Fireworks this month through her work, which is really a once in a lifetime experience for someone like me. We wore our most sparkly outfits (to look like fireworks, duh), danced to a hilarious band, drank wine, got a bunch of swag, took ridiculous photos in the photo booth, ate yummy food, were on TV and photographed for Hour! I felt so fancy, and had an absolute blast hanging out with Jen's coworkers, who ended up knowing some mutual friends (everyone knows everyone in this city, I swear!).

I also went camping for the first time of the year, which I already posted about here. I am so pumped for the two that I have planned for July, I am going kayaking on both trips, and I have never been. Much excite.

Also, also! I placed third in my age group for the Run, Walk, Boom 5k fundraiser that I ran on Saturday morning! Considering I have barely ran this year, and had to run in the pouring rain, I am quite pleased with myself.

June has been a great month, and although I am not a huge fan of July, this summer has been pretty good so far, so I am staying optimistic and all that jazz. Come on July, bring it. 

1) A majestic selfie. 
2) Growing ALL of the kale!
3) Being a yuppie at work. 
4) keeping warm by the campfire. 
5) Pretty sunset at the campgrounds. 
6) Dressed like fireworks for the fireworks!
7) Actual fireworks.
8) Pretty orchids in full bloom by my work. 
9) Iced coffee runs get me through the work week. 

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Last Stop Sunday

Last Stop Sunday

It has been a minute since I have posted anything Michigan related on this blog, and I am excited to share a really cool new event series that is starting up right where I grew up in Ferndale. Last Stop Sunday (presented by At Willoughby) is your favorite Detroit musicians doing acoustic sets on the last Sunday of every month at the New Way Bar. 

This showcase will be a chill hangout the last Sunday of each month, kind of the opposite of brunch ;) The idea is for bands to play that may, or may not, typically do acoustic shows. However, the point of the shows is to present something different. For example: If you saw a band play a show on a Saturday night, that same band would perform at Last Stop Sunday, and it would be like seeing a different band. You'll have all of the acoustic experience that you would normally get a coffee house, but instead in the bar atmosphere you've come to see your favorite local band in! Plus there will be food and drink specials to keep you happy while you enjoy your favorite music. Bonus: It's Free!

Last Stop Sunday 3

So! That being said, if you live in the area, come out tomorrow evening from 6-8 pm to see Jheremie and Helnut from Zombie Jesus and the Chocolate Sunshine Band, Oak City Roots, War War War, and Alan from At Willoughby.

Check out the even on Facebook for more info on this week's show. 

Also! Check out At Willoughby on Soundcloud, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up with current events, and also to get in contact with Alan if  your band is interested in participating in an upcoming Last Stop Sunday show! See you at New Way Bar at 6 pm tomorrow night!

Last Stop Sunday 2

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Gold Medal


It's been six years, and yet I still haven't been able to figure out how to pose for a photo properly. I don't think I could stand more stiff and awkward if I tried. Bloody hell. Anyway, this has been one of my favorite outfits these past few weeks, now that summer is upon is. I found this gem of a dress while thrifting with a friend, and it is perfect for hot days at work. Our office stays cool, but I walk through the warehouse a lot, and the thing is a damn oven. Cool, cotton dress FTW!

Work has been so crazy-busy lately, and I can't seem to get caught up. I foresee some long nights coming up, but overtime is always nice, so there is that. I have also been hitting the gym pretty steadily the past two weeks, and it has helped my mental state of being immeasurably. The party cats and I are throwing a shin-dig at my house this weekend, and have been plotting this event for a month! I am planning on taking loads of pics, so blog post to follow on that. Also, as if I didn't have enough going on, I am running the Run, Walk, Boom! 5k Saturday morning! I hadn't ran since November, but I managed to get some miles in this week, and am looking forward to a run. 

Red2 Red3

I think I am sort of addicted to being insanely busy. I think it comes with so many years of being a student while working full time, and I *almost* miss being in school. I like being busy though, it keeps life interesting, and it forces me out of my comfort zone. I am very excited for so many projects, trips, and events this summer. I typically am not a huge fan of this time of year, but, this year has been pretty good to me so far, and I am just taking each day as it comes. Which is a really nice change for a control freak like me. 


Also! I have been on the HUGEST Donnas kick lately. I found one of their old albums, and cannot stop listening to it. My favorite album is Gold Medal, and I only have it on vinyl, which kinda blows since my record player has been on the fritz. I love them because they are a straight-up rock band, but, all female! All of their songs are about partying, boys, and being total badasses. I love this song "I don't want to know (If you don't want me)" because it is so possessive and creepy. So! That being said, enjoy! And please check them out, even if they *might* be on hiatus for the moment. Because we need more female lusty songs in the world, dammit!

Dress, Bag, & Shoes-Thrifted
Scarf-c/o Modcloth
Sunglasses-Forever 21

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Camp Life


Currently I am sipping on a Blue Moon, frizzy hair in a bun, and wishing that the cheap, plastic fan beside me would cool my skin a bit faster. Alas! Such is life. Today I tackled a bunch of stuff at work, took the dogs for a walk, gave the kitchen a good wipe-down, and finally sorted the laundry. A pretty mundane Tuesday, amiright? Well. At least there are weekends like this past one that make the boring days a little less cumbersome. 

I absolutely love camping, and this weekend was the first of three trips that I have booked for this summer (with the hope of there being more!). Kyle, Nicole, Stephen, and myself all headed up to Metamora for the weekend, and it was a much needed weekend away. Kyle and I headed up on Friday night, set up camp, and had about a billion beermosas. We got up relatively early the next morning, got a canoe, and proceeded to spend the majority of the day on the lake. Nicole and Stephen arrived later that evening and we partied as hard as four nerds could possibly party at camp. I had a lot of fun, and it was really good to clear my head. We are not even finished with June yet, and my summer is getting filled up fast. I miss the early days of blogging where I documented EVERYTHING, so I am going to sincerely try my best to get back to that. Cheers!

camp6 camp5 Camp4 camp3 camp8 camp9
camp10 Camp7

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

In Six Years Time


The other day I was tinkering around with the layout of this blog, adjusting little things that no one else would ever notice but me, and it dawned on me: I created this blog six years ago. The very first post wasn't up until October, but, I created an account and had been slowly setting things up since June, 2009. I was 23 years old, and preparing for my first semester at Oakland University that fall. In fact, my very first post was created from a silly writing exercise I gave myself on my very first day. I sat outside North Foundation Hall, not knowing anyone, feeling awkward (nothing new there), and decided to spend the half hour or so I had before my first class doing something productive. 

It is surreal to look back at posts made by 23 year old me, because 23 was a pivotal year in my life. 2009 was the year that I finally got my ass in gear school-wize. and I was putting myself through college while working full time. I had a decent commute 2-3 times per week, as well as taking on more courses each semester at OU than I ever did while attending community college. I had also just adopted Louie, and living in a small apartment meant walking him twice per day, as well as dropping him off at my parent's house while I was at work. I didn't mind though, because I have always been slightly addicted to being busy. It doesn't really come as a surprise that I decided to add blogging to my already hectic schedule, because what is life without a bit of chaos, eh?

23 year old me was really into Hitchcock movies, hanging out at dive bars, seeing local bands, drinking heaps of PBR, trying to figure out my own personal style, reading, and studying like mad at local coffee shops. Substitute 'studying' with 'projects' and not much has changed, other than me embracing my nerdy side more and more over the past few years.  I am proud of myself at that age though, I feel like even though I will always be mentally 12, I had my shit together for the most part. I stopped trying to live for someone else, I stopped trying to impress people. I stopped trying to make friends, and just let it happen when it happened. I let the world know what a giant weirdo I was, and that I was okay with that. I am thankful that I decided to start this blog, because I have this sort-of scrapbook of some of the most trying years of my life, all published on the internet for the world to see. It sounds completely terrifying, and it sometimes is, but I can't help but be proud of myself for sticking with something for so long. The best part about blogging though? All of the amazing people that I have met through it. I mean, how often can you say that you met one of your best friends through blogging?


Well my 15 minute break has is almost over, so back to work I go! I leave you all with a link to Noah and the Whale's "Five Years Time", because it is now stuck in my head, and it's not a terrible thing. Happy Wednsday! 

Shirt, Hat, & Boots-Target
Pants-Old Navy